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Filmproject «The Exile File»

Spring, Slush and 2 m distance – a lockdown story.

Spring 2020 – the world is looked down. The mountain too: The cables are closed, snow parks are empty – the tourist destination of Flims turns into a ghost town. But Lukas and his friends don't give up. Armed with shovels, they transforme the mountain into a playground – at a «2 meter safety distance». Slush, beer and good friends – a «do-it-yourself spring session».

Starring: Lukas Kortmann, Mees Oostdijk, Linus Ziegler, Redmer Agricola, Valentin Müller, Jeanette Schmieder, David Hablützel, Beni Aepli

Music: Ent, I am the Beyonder, The Great Attractor (Naxatras)

Add. Filming: Pawel Zielinski, Leon Zehr

Photography: Pawel Zielinski, Laila Blessano

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